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    Getting bored of our daughters name. Advice?

    We had both agreed on Annabel, but after talking it over, we just don't feel like she's an Annabel... Here are some other names we like, we're looking for a vintage, graceful name. We're trying to honor a Cori & a Peggy for the middle name, and we've come up with the combos Corinna Pearl/Cora Pearl/Cori Pearl/Corinne Pearl as a middle name. Here are first name ideas:

    Cordelia Pearl- We were thinking this could honor Cori, what do you think? I don't know if I LOVE Cordelia... Any other ideas that involve Cori? Do you think we should use Cora Pearl?
    Eva Corinne Pearl
    Felicity Cora Pearl
    Lila Corinne Pearl
    Matilda Corin Pearl

    Thank you so much for input!
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    Eva Corinne Pearl is absolutely stunning!

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    I am a fan of honoring people when you feel you want to do it! I love Cora (my DH is a huge last of the Mohicans fan, too bad it rhymes with our last name) and Corrine as well as Cordeila or even Corneila. Maisie is a nice way to honor a Margaret/Peggy too if you want to go that route. My sister did that and I love it as a mn especially with a more serious first....Cordeila Maisie sounds divine imho.
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    Coralie Pearl would be gorgeous. There's a bit of an ocean theme (coral and pearl), and you can use nn Cori.

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    I quite like Eva Corinne Pearl. It sounds so lovely! Corisande is could get you to Cori, if you like that name.

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