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    Two nerdmates without a clue. Suggestions?

    I'll start off by giving a short introduction, because while I've lurked here for two years, I've never posted. Everyone has such wonderful ideas, so I shyly hold back. Here is my toe dipping into the water, though!

    My husband and I have been officially TTC with infertility help for two years with a loss last November, and recently I began my first cycle of Clomid. There are no other children in our lives. We're in the 2WW period and to keep me calm, I've been scouring through names (planning is therapeutic for me!). Before the loss, we went through so many names. My husband never agrees on anything, but he finally did accept one. I don't hate it, but I want something that will better fit the baby.

    Personality-wise, we are both nerds. Bookworms, video game lovers, cartoon addicts. The only major difference between us is that I absolutely love nature and the outdoors, and he absolutely loves playing video games and sitting in front of his computer. We like mythological names, historical names, literary names, and names with a rich background and a strong meaning, such as wise friend, intelligent, virtuous. He has put his foot down on any traditional names.

    Our last name is Peterson. The baby girl name we finally settled on is Wren Carys. The first name of the boy that is questionable is Dresden. I have held on tightly to the MN Conall, so I'd like to keep that unless something really, really good comes along.

    Please help if you can. I have spent the last year looking through this website, through other baby name collections (Nameberry is still the best though!), and from listening to people talk about their own children and hearing what names they've collected. I'm sorry my post was so long!

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    The name for a girl Wren Carys is absolutely beautiful, I love it and it seems like it will suit your naming style fantastically! I think that Dresden Conall works really well, so if you love it go for it! I know this isn't much help sorry. Good luck on TTC!

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    Aw, thank you. My husband has been a lot more open about girl names (I think three or so passed his scrutiny!), but I absolutely fell in love with Wren Carys and was delighted that my husband did too. I am happy that you like it!

    I don't think Dresden is a bad name at all, I just think that it is a mouthful to say with our last name. My favorite was Liam Conall, but he won't budge on it and he also shot down first names Rowan, Conall, Callum, August, and Alden recently. I'm a frustrated panda, ladies.

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    Thanks for replying Lexiem! I love your female names and for the boy names, I tried for a couple days to get Merrick and Zane by DH. It wasn't happening, sadly. When I mentioned Hawthorne, Oberon, Link, and Slate.. if only looks could kill, I'd be one dead lady! Thank you for your suggestions. A lot of them are very similar to our style.

    I wish a friend of ours didn't have a daughter named Teagan. Beautiful!

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    Well first off, I'm excited you finally decided to post on NB!!!

    I actually don't think Wren Carys or Dresden Conall come across as super nerdy.

    I don't know how mythology, nerdy you want to go. If you want to be all the way out there you might be better off waiting for Ottilie to respond. She's got the most stunning lists. Below are some a little more tame (at least I think they are).

    Names that strike me as cool, nature or similar to Wren:
    Girls: Echo, Lyric, Zoe, Cyan,
    Boys: Link, Skylar, Zane, Slate, Onyx,

    Names that feel similar to Dresden:
    Girls: Molly, Geneva, Oriel, Valencia,
    Boys: Henry/Harry, Lonnie, Oberon,

    Girls:Hyacinth, Marigold, Mimosa, Teagan, Violetta,
    Boys: Hawthrone, Russet, Yarrow, Merrick, Arthur
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