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    I'm sorry for your loss. Fingers crossed for this time around!

    Do you mean that the first name you've both kind of agreed on is Dresden (perhaps Dresden Conall)? I like it. In that same vein (and that of Wren Carys)...

    Alistair Conall
    Hugh Conall (means "mind, intellect")
    Barnaby Conall (nn Abe or Barnes or even Barney; literary from Dickens and historical from St. Barnabas; and there is a comic strip with this name, though I have no idea if it's any good)
    Rhett Conall
    Silas Conall (Silas Marner; means "woods")
    Atlas Conall
    Finch Conall (you wouldn't want a Wren and a Finch, but it captures the nature and lit cred from Atticus Finch)
    Danton Conall ("enduring"; related to Dante with a feel not unlike Dresden; not sure how you feel about this ending with Peterson)
    Lysander Conall ("liberator"; Shakespeare, of course)
    Wilder Conall (I looove this. Has a kind of natural vibe; related to Laura Ingalls and Thornton)
    Nash Conall (meaning is mildly about nature; Nash Ogden the poet and John Nash the mathematician)
    Whitman Conall (meaning is so-so, but Walt Whitman has enough cred to make up for it; love nn Whit; not sure how you feel about this ending with Peterson)
    Thackeray Conall
    Homer Conall ("security, pledge"; Iliad and Odyssey; just have to not mind the Simpson association)
    Langston Conall
    Roald Conall ("famous ruler"; love Roald Dahl)
    Truman Conall ("loyal one"; Truman Capote and a character from the Motley's Crew comic, though I have no clue if that's a good reference, haha; love nn True; once again, not sure about this ending with Peterson...)

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    Dresden as in the Dresden Files? Awesome! And Wren Carys is beautiful.

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    I really like Wren Carys! It's a lovely choice. Cant think of anything wrong with it. I would recommend against using Dresden. Here's an older thread about Dresden that would probably be worth reading through:

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    Thank you so much for replying everyone! Yes, it is Dresden we're working on. The girl named is settled, and I'm starting to see how good of a choice it was!

    ellenelle - I really liked Atlas, Rhett, Barnaby, and Truman (the nn True sold me), but as soon as I mentioned them to DH, it was a pretty quick shutdown.

    jessicat11 - Embarrassingly enough, yes! We DEVOUR books, and right now that is perhaps one of our favorite series. It makes it even more special that it was me who introduced him to it before we got married. The character is strong, passionate, loyal, humble, and selfless. He had some pretty close calls, but he keeps putting one foot in front of the other.

    nono - Yes, that is the only thing wrong with Dresden that we've found, and that I immediately pointed out to DH. The only other name he -ever- accepted was Declan, and because of the tv show Revenge, I'm not a very big fan of it.

    Thank you all for helping point out better suggestions and your concerns. They're all very helpful, even if DH is as stubborn as a mule.

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    Maybe he'd like Dryden? It's very similar, but would get away from some of the negative assocations that come with Dresden.

    Or maybe even Drystan, a Welsh variant of Tristan? Very similar to Dresden, but with an esablished history of use as a first name, and once again a bit more removed from some of Dresden's less desirable associations.

    Or maybe ...

    Deverau / Deveraux
    Caius (Cai?)
    Peregrin / Peregrine
    Dashiell (Dash)

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