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    I would pick Francesca hands down! I think Francesca Corinne Pearl sounds better without the double 'A' endings or just Francesca Pearl. I think Francesca has more versatility to it than Annabel which is a little prissy whilst still being beautiful! Francesca has more strength, and is potentially spunky and sultry depending on the individual wearing it yet is still has grace and class not to mention adorable nicknames Frankie, chessy, Francie, fritzie (my fave
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    While they are both pleasant sounding names, I'd choose Francesca hands down (and ditch one of the middle names, maybe just do Francesca Pearl).... IMO Annabel is more dull and lackluster-it's got such familiar/overused sounds: short vowels, the -bel ending, one of many Ann names-all make it pale in comparison to Francesca which, while it has short vowels, has the more unique "ch" sound and a nice hard "c" sound, and the spunky second syllable accent. I have a 10 yo named Isabel and I am just about done with the confusion over her name with the abundance of -bel/bella names. I'd change her name in heartbeat if I could but she is who she is now. In sum, at this moment I'd avoid anything ending in -bel like the plague, regardless of how pretty it is. It is just doomed for confusion between endings -bel/belle and -bella.

    HOWEVER-As long as you are up for some level of confusion with the -bel ending, then pick whichever one you LOVE/ on which you can agree! GL! My 2 cents.
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    Something to think about is that with the name Francesca she'll probably end up with a nickname so I'd think of one you like if you can. If you hate Fran you may not be that into it. But Annabel doesn't necessarily need a nn. They both go with the mn options and are very pretty.

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    Great name choices! I really like love the Corinna Pearl combo. I think Annabel Corinna Pearl sounds vintage and elegant.

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