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    Annabel vs. Francesca

    Hi berries. I have really been loving Francesca lately. We are using either Cora Pearl/Corinna Pearl as the middle name. We were pretty set on Annabel. I just want something vintage and graceful. I'm still open to suggestions for new names!

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    Although I like Francesca more, Annabel Corinna Pearl is lovely! Annabel is vintage and graceful. Stick with it!

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    I LOVE Francesca! It is my mother's I am a bit partial =)

    I prefer the Cora Pearl combo to Corinna Pearl since your two first name choices have a heavy /n/ sound in them already.

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    I really like Annabel (or Annabelle). It's so classy, feminine, and graceful. And you have more options for nicknames with Annabel than with Francesca imho. In terms of the middle name, I like the way Corinna Pearl flows.

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    I love Annabel Cora Pearl! Francesca is nice, but Francesca/Francisco seems to be quite trendy/overdone in my area right now. I know a ton of them. Francesca never really appealed to me, personally, but it is a nice name. LOVE Annabel Cora/Corinna Pearl, though.
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