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    You, Della Marine, and your husband, Silas Franklin, have been blessed with 10 beautiful kids.
    1. Ronan Fox
    2. Milena "Millie" Joy
    3. Quincy Nathaniel
    4. Marine Louisa
    5. Poppy Corinna
    6. Macalester "Mac" Vincent
    7 & 8. twins: Reed Charles and Nathaniel "Nate" George
    9. Timothy "Timmy" Darwin
    10. Evangeline "Evie" Renee
    I'm a young writer who's obsessed with baby names!!!!!!!!
    Favorite names coming soon...

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    Far North Queensland

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    You, Clara, and your husband, Henry, have been blessed with 10 beautiful kids. Name them based off their rooms.

    Owen Ignatius

    Abigail Rebecca

    Julius Alexander

    Theresa Charlotte

    Elizabeth Laurel

    Felix Alistair

    Gregory Johann and Tobias Hugo

    James Solomon

    Katharine Eloise

    Owen, Abbey, Jules, Tess, Eliza, Felix, Greg, Toby, Jamie, & Kate

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    I’ve always seen Pottery Barn decor, as something fairly mainstream and classic with a side of trendy, so I tried to stick with some traditional naming patterns here... with a few little twists.

    DW: Stephanie Anne Roberts
    DH: Maxwell James Roberts

    1. Joshua Maxwell
    2. Grace Louise
    3. Brendan James
    4. Kelly Marie
    5. Alyssa Lauren
    6. Jonathan Michael
    7&8. Matthew Lucas and Gregory Mark(George Lucas and Mark Hamill, anyone?)
    9. Spencer Thomas
    10. Penelope Wren (because, come on... baby number ten? Let’s get a little creative here.)

    Resulting in... Mom, Dad, Josh, Gracie, Brendan, Kelly, Alyssa, Jon, Matt and Greg, Spencer, and Poppy. Matching consonant sounds with Josh and Jon, but they're a few kids apart, so it wouldn't be too absurd.

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    You, Gemma Louise, and your husband, Desmond Frederick, have been blessed with 10 beautiful kids:

    1. Archer James "Arch" (18)
    2. Geneva Louise "Neva" (16)
    3. Caspian Graham "Cas" (15)
    4. Eliza Violet "Zazi" (13)
    5. Celeste Noel "Essie" (11)
    6. Emmett Upton "Em" (10)
    7 & 8. twins: Raphael Hugo "Raffy" and Florian Keats "Flo" (7)
    9. Hamish Bastien "Ham" (5)
    10. Leonora Marie "Leonie" (5 months)

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