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Thread: Name quiz

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    Name quiz

    Your best friend's name

    First name:

    What is your favourite colour:

    Blue: Belle
    Yellow: Yolanda
    Green: Giada
    Red: Rhianna
    Orange: Odetta
    Purple/Pink: Priscilla
    White: Willa
    Other: Leonora

    Middle name:

    Whih of these flowers is the nicest:

    Daisy: Aurelia
    Tulip: Clementine
    Rose: Noelle
    Snowdrop: Mara
    Lily: Carolina
    Orchid: Berenice

    Your daughter's name:

    What pet do you have?

    Dog: Leanna
    Cat: Rosalia
    Fish: Amelia
    Bunny/ hamster/ guinea pig: Delilah
    Bird: Angeline
    Other: Erin
    None: Octavia
    More than one: Alisha

    Middle name:

    What letter does the month of your birthday start with:

    J: Emmeline
    F: Amber
    M: Margot
    A: Verity
    O: Iridessa
    S: Dahlia
    N: Sadie
    D: Poppy

    Your son:

    First name:

    What is the best day:

    Christmas: Ronan
    Birthday: Michael
    Wedding anniversary: Patrick
    New years day: Leon
    Valentines day: Jeremy
    April fool's day: Elijah

    What do you prefer:

    Reading: Lorcan
    Playing on technology: Isaac
    Being outside: Leo
    watching movies/ play/ dance: Caradoc
    Being with friends: Inigo

    Pet's name:

    What siblings do you have:

    Boy: Puffles
    Girl: Peyton
    None: Penn
    More than one: Popo
    Twin: Parsley

    My results:
    Giada Noelle
    Alisha Emmeline
    Ronan Leo

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    My results: Belle Mara; Leanna Emmeline; Michael Lorcan; and Peyton.
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Your best friend's name: Belle Clementine
    Your daughter's name: Octavia Verity
    Your son: Ronan Isaac
    Pet's name: Peyton

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