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    You have a great list!
    Hazel Felicity Snow- Really pretty. Great flow.
    Eleanor Astrid Lux- Don't care for Lux, but I find Eleanor Astrid surprisingly beautiful.
    Alice Bryony Winter- Absolutely stunning.
    Willa Delphine Anouk- Something about this is off to me, but it's still pretty.
    Fiona Camille Waverly- These three don't sound right to me.
    Cecilia Maeve Artemis- Really like this
    Olive Matilda Thisbe- Again, really pretty, but a tad off.
    Gemma Lilac Bronte- Pretty but again, something about Gemma and Lilac together is off.
    Juliet Phoebe Athena- Really like this.
    Felicity Ophelia Frost- So stunning! Love this!
    Eva Josephine Briar- Really pretty, but Briar sort of makes this feel heavy.

    Again, lovely list!

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    Of your choices I really like these

    Gemma Lilac Bronte
    Juliet Phoebe Athena
    Felicity Ophelia Frost
    Eva Josephine Briar

    All so beautiful!

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    I think a lot of these would sound better with just one mn but Eva Josephine Briar is gorgeous.

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    From your list I love
    Hazel Felicity Snow
    Eleanor Astrid Lux
    Alice Bryony Winter

    I also really like Lilac Bronte but not the fn Gemma.
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    Hazel Felicity Snow - I agree with ppers this just sounds like Happy Brown Snow.
    Eleanor Astrid Lux - It isn't but this feels redundant.
    Alice Bryony Winter - none of these are my favorite names but the combo is great.
    Willa Delphine Anouk - I like Delphine more than I like Willa. Delphine Willa Anouk would be my preference for this combo.
    Fiona Camille Waverly - I would probably change this up a bit to be Fiona Waverly Camille.
    Cecilia Maeve Artemis - I'd prefer Cecilia Artemis Maeve. Either way this is a winner.
    Olive Matilda Thisbe - Matilda Thisbe is beautiful adding Olive to the combo makes it feel a bit off though.
    Gemma Lilac Bronte - This combo sounds a little odd. Can't really put my finger on it.
    Juliet Phoebe Athena - I love both Juliet Phoebe and Juliet Athena but together it strikes me as a bit off.
    Felicity Ophelia Frost - This is wonderful.
    Eva Josephine Briar - I think I'd prefer Briar-Eve Josephine or Briar Evangeline.
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