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    I'm in the UK, and I associate Cohen with the rugby player Ben Cohen more than anything controversial... Jemima is pretty, and I've never met a Jemima but my parents considered it for me. My friend - a girl - was nearly given the middle name Lucifer. Her mother thought it was pretty for a girl, but then realised it was associated with the Devil, so she changed it to Catherine...

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    I know a 7 year old named Jemimah. She is black, so I guess if her parents don't have a problem with it, then neither should anyone else! I was kind of surprised when I first heard it, though.
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    I know a little Delilah... ironically she goes to my church! While I wouldn't do it (too many years of Sunday School... lol!), no one seems to blink an eye. She's adorable.

    As for naming children Lucifer, Pandora and Thanatos... *eyeroll* That seems to be asking for issues. Maybe I'm just not ready for that. Can you imagine poor Pandora when she's older? Opening Pandora's box anyone? Poor kid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ali_absolutely View Post
    I agree with this. Naming a child Lucifer is just a cruel thing to do. It's akin to naming them Evil or something.
    Yep. That kid's going to have issues.

    As a Christian, it actually bothers me when I hear a kid named Emmanuel. It's the name of Jesus in one of the Old Testament prophecies, and means "God with Us". Sorry, your kid is not God. Ditto for naming your kid Jesus. If you're a Christian, wouldn't you know better? If not, why saddle your kid with a too-much-pressure name?

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    I've come across a few little boys named Cohen, and I'd never say anything to the parent, the child has been named.

    However, the sister of my friend was planning to use it, so I mentioned it. Not in a rude way, I made a "joke" of it and said something like, "wow you're brave!" She asked what I meant, and I explained how important the name Cohen is to those of Jewish faith, and how they see it as offensive. I thought she might not appreciate it, but she was actually thankful that someone knew about it and had told her, and ended up naming her son Rowan instead.

    I don't think "I'm not Jewish" is a good defense with regards to thinking it's OK to name a child Cohen.
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