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    cristinamariane Guest
    Another vote for Ivy Louisa

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    Feb 2013
    Ivy Louisa is my favorite! Ivy Lou is simply adorable : )
    Proud mother to Susannah Corinne, due April 4th, 2013

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    I like Ivy Louisa best, but Cora Annaliese isn't too far behind.

    I really dislike like Lily Sophia. It reminds me of that jewelry brand, is it Leia Sophia?

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    Feb 2013
    I love the first two!! So cute.
    I personally don't like Lily Sophia. Too popular, and I don't like the sound. Lily just doesn't sound good to me, but I have many friends with young daughters with this name.
    How about Lilianna? I think it works as a cute alternative. Also Lilianna, Ivy, and Cora all have styles that match up well.
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    Ivy Louisa is sunshine in a name, love it.
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