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    Honest Opinions!

    My husband and I have a list of names picked out for when we decide to have kids, and we were wondering if we could get some opinions/suggestions, nn ideas, or other combo options! Thanks!

    Merrick Liam
    Callen Thomas
    Konrad Isaac- I'm not sold on this one yet!


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    Ooh, I love Callen Thomas! The nn Cal is so cute.

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    I also love Callen Thomas! I also like Forrest, Oliver, and Declan. Callen is my fav though.

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    Callen Thomas is lovely! Liam, Oliver, Forrest and Declan are all nice.

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    Merrick Liam - I like Merrick. It's a cool name. NNs: Erri, Eric, Rick, Ricky, Rico
    Callen Thomas - This is a great combo but I prefer Callum. NNs: Cal, Len, Lenny
    Konrad Isaac - My favorite of the 3 combos. I prefer Conrad with a 'C'. NNs: Conro/Konro, Konnie/Connie???

    Oliver - This is one of my favorite names. Oliver Declan, Oliver Forrest, Oliver Merrick, & Oliver Conrad would be my favorites from your list.
    Fischer - I love Fisher/Fischer but I'm not sure it works as a first name because no one wants to be called Fish. It would be a great MN - Callen Fischer and Conrad Fischer are great combos.
    Forrest - I love this name but I think the Forrest Gump connection is still too strong. It would make a great MN - Callen Forrest, Oliver Forrest, Conrad Forrest, Kier Forrest
    Taj - I only like this as a MN - Declan Taj or Conrad Taj
    Kier - This would be a good nn for Kieran or Kiernan. Combos: Kieran Fischer, Kieran Taj, Kiernan Oliver, Kiernan Isaac
    Declan - I didn't like this name for a long time but I think it is growing on me. Oliver Declan and Declan Thomas are very handsome.

    My List:
    GIRLS: Alda, Aldina, Bernice, Carolina, Elaine, Esmeralda, Glenora, Harley, Lillian
    BOYS: Alden, Euan, Glenwell, Harley, Walt, Wells

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