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    Question do they work as brothers

    ever since i got pregnant all I can think about it baby names, especially boys names as so many stand out! problem is a large majority of them not sound good with my partners last name. it ends in an "en" sound so i have had to cut out all names with that ending, and also had to cut out all names starting with "c" which takes quite a few of my list.
    But, getting to the point, the 2 names at the top of my list are Elliot and Arlo. I would love to use these but i'm not sure if they would work well as siblings.

    Also, with Elliot have have a few combo's in mind but my favourite would be Elliot Matthew. Whereas i have no idea what middle names to use with Arlo, maybe Arlo Nathaniel or Arlo Finley?
    Do you have any middle name suggestions for Arlo?
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    I think Elliot and Arlo would work fine as brothers. Elliot does seem a bit trendier but that wouldn't put me off.
    I love your Elliot Mathew combo. It has this great sense of slightly androgynous masculinity that's simultaneously soft and self-assured and strong. Both Arlo Nathaniel and Arlo Finely sound fine they just aren't great to me.
    How about....

    Arlo Theodore
    Arlo Sebastian
    Arlo Elijah
    Arlo Elias
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    Arlo Finley or Arlo Nathaniel both have an L near the end of the name. It's okay, but I might try to avoid that. I do like Nathaniel better than Finley. Also, I think it goes with Matthew better.

    What about
    Arlo James
    Arlo Adam
    Arlo Nathan
    Arlo Edward

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