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    What on earth is wrong with Bridget? Lol. Jemima is also fine here as Ottilie mentioned. I can see Judas and Cain working too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by klcalder2 View Post
    It is funny to me that Judas just won't fly for so many Christians, but Jude will. I get it, but it is funny that two names so close get completely different reactions. For myself, if it wasn't Jude, it would be Judah. Both mine and my DH families are quite religious, so I know I would have been skewered if I'd suggested Judas, but again, they were swooning over Jude.
    That's pretty funny - especially because I know it would happen where I'm from as well.

    The only one that I would truly feel comfortable using was Bridget - as far as being "forbidden," I'm assuming they're referring to her character in The Maltese Falcon? Or the fact that it was a very stereotypically Irish name? ...Or am I just completely wrong about that?
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    I'd say the difference between Jude/Judas was comparable to the difference between Adolph/Randolph ie they sound similar bit are totally seperate names with very different associations.

    I know both a Dick (aged 70) and a Lolita (aged 60), neither has a problem with their name but that might be generational. Lolita is nn Lolly. Hopefully Bridget is OK as it's my daughter's middle name! I wouldn't use any of the others though, as another poster said, so many other names out there...

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    I suppose no name is familiar but here are my opinions: IMO all of the biblical bad guy names are too big a burden to use. I would worry about people judging the child, associating it with negative things and giving them grief or mocking them behind their back. Iirc @dante knows a little lucifer and said the boy has no problems with his name so who knows.

    Bridget - never heard anything bad about this name

    Sambo - no way and hell and for what it's worth, Sambo is not just a nickname for Samuel, the racist term comes from the word "Zambo" it's origins are race related.

    Adolf - too negative to be used but Adolph is not unheard of in Hispanic communities and was in the top 1000 until the 1970's so I guess to some degree the name is acceptable since Adolph/Adolf sound the same.

    Royal titles such as king and princess - tacky IMO but not forbidden

    Cohen - imo not usable, I don't understand how some peopl justify it knowing its offensive. It seems tacky and ignorant.

    Dick and Lolita - technically usable but I wouldn't because of the sexual imagery it brings up for a lot of people

    Jemima - not usable in the states. I would definitely question an American who used the name, although it would be more for stupidity than racism. It's a hurtful term towards Blacks, you're not going to be able to reclaim it as a stylish name without looking foolish IMO. Plus it's a syrup so there's that.
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    I really think that it depends on your family heritage a lot. If you are Kenyan and love Adolf/Adolph I think you'd get weird looks but could get away with it. For someone like me with strong German heritage I think it would be akin to just political suicide.

    But.... and this is the one where I know I'm not only opening a can of worms but pouring them all over me.
    I LOVE Lucifer. Always have, always will. I love the meaning the sound and yes, partially that it's forbidden. I would never use it on a child though, mostly because even if we want to name our children in a vacuum we have to acknowledge that this is not possible.
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