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Thread: Blog babies

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    Blog babies

    After the discussion of certain blog babies names in another thread, I thought I'd gather up some more for discussion. They're listed alphabetically by blog name. I didn't want to link to the blogs because the post would likely be flagged due to all of the hyperlinks but of course you can search them yourself if you're interested.

    4 Little Men and Girly Twins – Grayson, Vance, Gavin, Ozzie Nolan, Eliza Cleone, Nolia Marie and Ian Mitchell

    4 Squirts and a Dollop of Cream – Elizabeth, Jessica, Megan and Lucy

    18 Under One Roof – Emily, Abigail, Benjamin, Mirielle, Joseph, Aaron, Mali, Samuel, Margaret, Kathryn, Evelyn, Suzanne, Sonja, Jonathan, Charlotte Claire and Camille Anaya

    22 Blessings and Counting - Tabitha, Jennifer, Brian, Staisha, Doreese, Destinee, DJ, Krishawnda, Marvin, Anthony, Daivon, Selena, Kieanna, John, Cora, Promise, Robert, Hannah, Isaiah, Katelynn, Austin and Faith

    ABC family – Camilla Claire, Blaise Alexander, Linus Michael and Ambrose John

    Amalah – Noah Corbin, Ezra Harrington and Isaac George HamiltonIke

    Before the Baby Wakes – Phoenix and Caspian Shalom Seven

    Beverly Hill Babies (now taken down, but the names are interesting) – Luciano, Serendipity and Bellatessa

    Bleubird Vintage – Julian Riley, Milla Plum, Gemma Bird and Sailor Rhodes

    Dooce – Leta Elise and Marlo Iris

    Emphasis Added – Hazel Jane and Felix Belle

    Enjoying the Small Things – Austyn and Brandyn (stepkids), Lainey Love, Nella Cordelia and Dashel Omar

    Girls Gone Child – Archer Sage, Fable Luella, Boheme Shalom and Reverie Lux

    KERF – Mazen Duke

    Lilac Saloon – Luna Brynn

    Magnolia and BootheMagnolia Blue, Boothe Emmeline and Henry Daniel

    Moosh In IndyMary AdelineAddie and Vivienne Jean

    Retro Mummy – Keira, Finn Justin, Tilly Rose, Elodie Elizabeth and Emerson Charles (b)

    Rockstar Diaries: Love Taza – Eleanor and Samson

    Sweet JuniperJuniper and Gram Woodward

    The Memoirs of MeganVivien Nicholette

    The Wiegands – Aiden Christopher, Ainsleigh Kate and Apple Lucy
    gaia ● gwen ● marian ● maxima ● pearl ● philippa ● sylvie
    conrad ● desmond ● felix ● orlando ● peregrine ● robert ● winston
    arthur stellan | louisa miriam

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    A Baker's Dozen and Apollo XIV: Keziah, Ezra, Boaz, Adalia, Judah, Tilly, Enoch, Kalina, Mordecai, Jubilee, Hezekiah, Avi, Tucker, Apollo

    A Place Called Simplicity: Abigail, Tyler, Autumn, Emma, Graham, Liberty, Jubilee, Nehemiah, Isaiah, Elizabeth, Elijah, Ruby

    I think most large conservative Christian families have a daughter named Jubilee.

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    I don't know any of these blogs... The only one I can think of is:
    Rage Against the Minivan: Jafta, India, Kembe, Karis
    Miriam ~ Tabitha ~ Estella ~ Beatrice ~ Anastasia ~ Veronica ~ Sarah ~ Esther
    Paul ~ Wesley ~ Walter ~ Edmund ~ Isaac ~ Abram ~ Gabriel

    Top combos: Miriam Estelle / Paul Augustin

    (Still) trying for baby#1
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    Theres some great names in the online blogging world! My faves from the previous posts are: Vance, Evelyn, Jonathan, Charlotte, Tabitha, Marvin, Blaise, Linus, Phoenix, Caspian, Julian, Milla, Sailor, Leta, Felix, Nella, Archer, Fable, Reverie, Luna, Juniper, Gram, Keziah, Enoch, Apollo..

    Some I know:

    Pyjammy (identical triplets) - Oliver, Miles & Linus
    Pirates & Peonies - Rowan & Brinley (both boys)
    Heart & Habit - Kingston & Harlow
    Mom*tog - Brayden & Kennedy
    Sesame Ellis (Rachel Devine) - Gemma, Clover & Kieran (C&K are twins)
    The stork & the beanstalk - Hooper & Van
    Brock Paper Scissors - Nico & Lola
    Smiling Watermelon - Jordan & Talia (both girls, twins)
    The Vintage Souls - Luna & Dakota
    No Big Dill - Divine, Pearl, Olive, Azure, Clover, Drummer
    My Cubs:
    Arlo Tobin - Oct 2010
    Nola Valerie - May 2013
    Rory Everett - May 2013

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    The tumblr blog of dear baby is home to the jordan's; parents Brent and Melissa with tgeir little girl Everly Veda and son Arlo Redding

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