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    Is 3 middle names too much or okay?

    Okay, so here are my two faves for a girl and a boy. I'd like to know people's opinions on them, good or bad! I like long names, but I'm concerned about bullying, etc.
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    I think unless you're royalty that two middle names is kind of the maximum.
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    Like the above poster said, there is no particular reason for someone outside of royalty to use more than two middle names, so it kind of seems like overkill; however, I think that you can really do what you want. Your name choices are really pretty and unique and I think they flow pretty well together. I doubt that kids would be bullied for their middle names; you just don't use middle names enough for them to be common knowledge. The only time my middle name has ever been broadcasted, so far, was in my high school graduation (I went to a tiny school). If your kids really had a problem with all their middle names being used for some formal occasion or another, they could just, for instance, request that only the first one go on their diploma/wedding invitation/etc.
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    I find myself finding many combos with two middle names a mouthful, more than two would definitely be a big mouthful. I feel that with several middle names it sounds more like a list of names. I find saying complete combos (including the surname) out-loud very helpful. Getting your spouse, a family member, or friend to do it can be very helpful. Sometimes it is best hearing the combos come from someone else's voice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feberin View Post
    I think unless you're royalty that two middle names is kind of the maximum.
    I agree. Well, either royalty, or Italian or French. A lot of famous Italian and French actors, writers, scientists, etc. had three or four middle names, maybe even more. Rudolph Valentino had four middle names and three last names, if I remember correctly. It does seem rather exotic and "glam", but yeah, I wouldn't recommend using more than two in general.
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