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Thread: Blog babies

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    I'm more into vlogs than blogs, but my favourite baby name vlogger just had her baby so I felt like the baby vloggers should be included should be included

    AnastasiaRuby: Juliette Elena
    PearlDaaaahling: Charlotte Elizabeth
    Vlogbrothers: Henry Atticus
    I love AnastasiaRuby's videos! I was so over the moon when she announced she was pregnant, and her baby girl is just precious!

    Some I know-

    Ot&Et - Otto & Loretta
    The boy named after a car - Harper (b) & Charlie (g)
    Bonbonmini - Max & Alexandria

    can't think of anymore at the top of my head.
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    71Toes: Max, Elle, Grace, Claire, and Lucy
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    I actually don't read blogs all that often, but I lately just came across:

    youngoldhouse: Clara
    don'twasteyourcancer: Ava and Lyla
    Henry John, Charles Wesley
    Eleanor Lily, Margaret Jane

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    I know more vloggers than bloggers…

    Shaytards - Gavin, Avia, Emmi, Brock & Daxton
    CaseyLavere/HeyKayli - Brailee & Gage
    Sprinkleofglitter - Darcy Jane
    Pixiwoo - Lily & Olivia "Ollie" / Harry & Edie
    Daily Bumps - Oliver "Ollie"
    Nive Nulls - Audriauna Elise "Audri" & Kailand Austin "Kai"
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    Don't know if she was mentioned but:

    TheSacconeJolys- Emilia. Anna is expecting a baby boy in March and she will release his name after he is born ^^
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