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Thread: Alaya/Aleya

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    Quote Originally Posted by stripedsocks View Post
    I'd prefer Aliyah/Aaliyah/Aliya as it's closer to the Hebrew (and I think the Arabic) and I find the lay-uh sound unappealing compared to lee-ya.
    I'll just quote this because it best sums up my thoughts.
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    Hmm. Not a huge fan. I think Alaia, a Basque name pronounced a-LIE-a, is fine, and Aleah (in whatever spelling) is alright, but they and Alaya all have the same problem- they're very blendy. They sound a lot like tons of different names, combining the A-A trend (Alyssa, Alina, Alexa, Amaya, Adina, Alana, etc.) with the vowel-heavy trend (Maya, Kaya, Jaya, Leah, Kia, Tia, Mia, Gia etc.) Alaia, Alaya, and Aaliyah all sound like more of the same.

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