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    Thanks for all your help!

    Thank you for everyones input and help with deciding our twin girls' names.

    Hazel Sophia Sommer & Olive Eloise Sommer

    HSS & OES

    They are due in 5 weeks now and are 3 pounds each. This forum was such a big help and my wife and I couldn't have done it without all the ideas and input from Nameberry.
    Best Wishes,
    The Sommers

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    Beautiful beautiful names! I really love them, and they go together so well! 5 weeks, so close! Hope you'll have a nice last few weeks before they come, and be sure to let us know when they're here!!!!
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    Beautiful names! Congratulations on your soon to be here little darlings!

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    Both wonderful names. Lucky girls. :-)
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    Hazel & Olive are so cute! Take care and relax for the next few weeks! Congrats!

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