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    Martin would be our next son's name if it were up to my husband! I don't mind it but there are other names I like more (although this one is still a possibility). I really like the nickname Marty, Mars isn't really for us but it's cool nonetheless.
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    Thank you everyone! It's so helpful to get feedback and I'm happy it was overall so positive.

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    My first thought is the dad on Frasier :-) He was a good character, if that helps. I like the nns Mars and Marty, so I think the name could be fun.
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    When I was pregnant with DD, Martin was one of the only names DH came up with that I really liked. I think it's fairly unexpected, but incredibly wearable. I think of Martin Freeman first (probably DH's reason for suggesting it), then my long deceased great uncle Mart. I think Freeman helped me shake the 90's sitcom Martin (Martin Lawrence) association. Which is great, as Shanaynay was firmly attached to Martin for me for a looooong time.
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    Makes me think of Marty McFly (Back to the Future), and Martin Prince Jr. (the geeky kid in Bart's class on The Simpsons)
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