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Thread: Too many X's???

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    I agree with previous posters. Xanthe yes, Xander no.
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    I wouldn't do Xander, for all the reasons mentioned above. And I would only use Xanthe if you pronounce Xavier ZAY-vee-er, not eck-SAY-vee-er. Otherwise Xavier will be mispronounced and Xanthe, which already might be difficult for some to pronounce, will be even more confusing to some.

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    Thanks everyone! We pronounce it zay-vee-er, I was having the same thoughts as all of you, just needed them confirmed We are currently thinking of trying to have 3 kids, so maybe a second X name isn't the best idea because if we have a third then the last one will seem out of place if they don't have one too! My husband is terrible when it comes to names, so I like to plan way ahead, but I am finding it really hard to find names that go well with Xavier...
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    If your planning on having more than two kids I wouldn't do it. It would be very obvious the eldest two having 'X' names and then the youngest not. Maybe use another name for your next baby and come back to the 'X' names when/if you come around to your third, as it wouldn't look themey then.
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    I adore Xanthe. Xavier and Xanthe works okay.

    But the only way I could do 2+ X names is to expand the theme a little.

    Can we add just has an x in it?
    Beatrix, Felix, Phoenix, Calixta, Alexander? I think Alexander flatters Xavier much more than Xander (which is usually a NN for Alexander anyway) does, as the repetitive x- and -er is broken up by more sounds.

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