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    I'm Tatum Renee, and I met Chris Evans at a random restaurant where I was waitressing while I was in college. We dated for six years, and he asked me to marry him on the day my first book was published, by cutting out a section of the book and putting the ring in it.

    We got married on September 13, two days after my birthday in the garden at our home. It was a small affair, just family and friends.

    I got pregnant less than a year later with twins, a boy and a girl, we named Christopher James Evans and Chassie Jean Evans. Chassie is my younger sister.

    When the twins were two, Chris surprised me with a parrot that I named Pirate.

    One year later, I decided I wanted another baby and we tried a few months before I became pregnant again. This time, we had a baby girl born just days after the twins' fourth birthday. We named her Chloe Jane Evans.

    Two years later, I decided I wanted another child, but my doctor confirmed I could not become pregnant again. Chris tried to help me deal by getting me a cat, that I named Fluffy. We also decided to adopt the baby boy my distant cousin became pregnant with due to rape. We named him Clay Jason.

    For the twins' sixth birthday, Chris and I gave them a German Sheppard puppy that Chris and Chassie named Rover. Chris also surprised me again with a rabbit named Peter.

    For his birthday that year, I got him a Golden Retriever he named Spike.

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    5. Chris Hemsworth

    Roll the 6 sided dice.
    That's how many years you dated before getting married.
    2 years

    Roll the 6 sided dice.
    4. You get married in January or February- you choose!
    January 1st

    # of pregnancies: 3

    # of adoptions: 1

    Pregnancy #1: Quads
    1. Girl; Snow Beatrice Hemsworth
    2. Girl; Gemma Clementine Hemsworth
    3. Boy; Eric Christopher Hemsworth
    4. Girl; Juliet Rose Hemsworth

    Pregnancy #2: Quints
    1. Girl; Lucille Marie Hemsworth
    2. Girl; Gwen Diane Hemsworth
    3. Boy; Arthur John Hemsworth
    4. Boy; Truman Owen Hemsworth
    5. Girl; Merry Samantha Hemsworth

    Pregnancy #3: Twins
    1. Girl; Maisie Grace Hemsworth
    2. Girl; Clara Edith Hemsworth

    Adoption #1: Singleton (adopted from Chile)
    1. Boy; Declan Gabriel Hemsworth

    Number of pets: 3
    1. Female German Shepard named Jasmine
    2. Male Bird named Iago
    3. Female Cat; Duchess

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    DW: Jane Nenna Oliver
    DH: Taylor Daniel Lautner

    We dated for 4 before getting married.
    We got married in November.
    5 pregnancies.

    4 adoptions

    Pregnancy One
    B/G Twins
    Alexei Daniel Lautner & Arabella Lux Lautner

    Adoption One - 1 year later
    Katherine Louise Lautner

    Pregnancy Two - 5 years later
    Raymond Vincent Lautner

    Adoption Two - 6 months later
    William Truman Lautner

    Adoption Three - 6 months later
    Grace Demetria Lautner

    Pregnancy Three - 2 years later
    Nathaniel George Lautner

    Pregnancy Four - 3 years later
    James Peter Lautner, Theodore Paul Lautner & Florence Primrose Lautner

    Adoption Four - 4 years later
    Emmanuelle Vivienne Lautner

    Pregnancy Five - 6 months later
    Antonia Hope Lautner

    2 pets
    One cat (f) & one dog (f)
    Willow & Quinn

    Jane, Taylor & children: Alex, Bella, Kate, Ray, Liam, Gracie, Nate, Jamie, Theo, Florrie, Ellie, Toni + pets: Willow & Quinn
    Girls: Neva, Hope, Katherine, Harlow, Vivienne, Florence, Grace, Nalha, Primrose, Arabella, Isla.

    Boys: Nicholas, Luke, Stephen, Leon, John, William, Henry, Victor, Fredrich, Rainer, Simon, Felix.

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    United States
    I met Christopher Robert Evans, known as Chris, at Starbucks (yes, Starbucks) while on vacation in Hollywood. He started flirting with me and we hit it off right away. We dated for 7 years before we decided through agreement to get married. We got married on a nice sunny day in late April in a cute clearing in the woods. It was beautiful. The wedding was relatively small and very personal.

    Our first set of children arrived 2 years later. On June 15th, Stasia Fae, Caden Johnny, and Mason Ryder Evans were born.

    The second set arrived 3 years later. On September 21st, Christian Asher, Jasper Felix, Sebastian Eli, and Leo Tobias Evans were born.

    We waited a year before adopting three sisters from China. They were each 5 years old when we adopted them. Their names were Heather Bik, Crystal Fen, and Zena Hua Evans.

    Two years later, two more girls were born on April 20th. Their names were Cassia Primrose and Lilyanna Scarlett Evans.

    Since the adoption was going so well, we decided to adopt siblings, a girl, a boy, and a girl, again but from Ethiopia. They were 10, 8, and 5 when we adopted them. Their names were Amira Kassa, Kelile Dabir, and Gabra Ayana Evans.

    Three years later we decided that we would get pregnant one last time. We did! And we got quints! We decided to name them after the Greek gods/goddesses. They were born on June 4th. Their names were Artemis Violet, Athena Lucette, Hestia Sunshine, Apollo Adrian, and Persephone June.

    We had two pets-a rabbit named Gemma and a hamster named Po.
    Favorite Names
    Rosemarie Violet ♀ Alyxandrea Onyx ♀
    Lilyanna Scarlett ♀ Cassia Primrose ♀
    Aristanae ♀ Nastasya ♀ Vasilisa ♀

    Jasper Felix ♂ Adrian Caspar ♂
    Mason Ryder ♂ Sebastian Archer ♂
    Asher ♂ Reyn ♂

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    United Kingdom
    Adam Levine

    Amy Colette Levine

    We date for a year and we get married in the following April

    Five Pregnancies - 2 Adoptions

    Pregnancy #1 - It's a girl. Avia Colette Levine.

    Adoption #1 - It's a girl. Molly Persia Levine

    Pregnancy #2 - It's a girl. Everly Charlotte Levine

    Adoption #2 - It's a boy. Henry Abanu Levine (Abanu means I have joined the family)

    Pregnancy #3 - It's a boy. Scott Adam Levine

    Under Construction!

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