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    It's official, another girl! Help!!!

    Had our 20 week US today and its official, Lucia is going to have a little sister!

    Super excited, BUT girls names are SOOOOO hard! I have a list a mile long of boy names I love... Girls on the other hand seem like they just don't live up to Big sister Lucia (Lou-sha).

    We want a name that is strong and one that she can grow into. Middle names are family names. Out last name sounds like "Purple" and is Eastern European (very few vowels).

    Here is what we have so far that we both like:

    Hannah Lee
    Aurora Lee "Rory"
    Carolina Jane "Lina"
    Hayden Lee "Haddie"
    Jocelyn Lee

    Thoughts on these or others?

    Proud mama to Lucia Marie (3) and Halle Regina born July 12th!

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    I think Carolina Jane would be a good fit with Lucia Marie.
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    From your list, Aurora is my favourite! Lucia and Aurora - neither outshines the other. I like all of your other names except for Hayden just because it reminds me of very common names these days (Jaden, Kayden, Aiden, etc.).

    But your other names are very different from the European-sounding Lucia. I also like the meaning of Aurora and Rory for nn is cute!

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    Aurora Lee is my favourite, Aurora goes well with Lucia and Rory is a very cute nickname. I think Hannah would be too common as Lucia is a more unique name.

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    Aurora Lee stood out to me. Lucia and Aurora are superb as sisters!

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