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    Both are boy names, but if you had to pick one I'd go with Ellis, since it doesn't end in 'son.'
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    Wow, this thread was even more negative than I expected.

    I like Ellis. It sounds fresh and strong. I like it much better than Ellison. Ellis Olivia sounds great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeska View Post
    Eh? How would you know this, without any point of comparison? You don't know how seriously people would have taken you if you had a 'girly-girl name'.

    I'm a lawyer with a feminine name, and I assure you that people take me perfectly seriously.

    I wish people would stop with these statements.

    I agree with Jeska! How would you know that people wouldn't take you as seriously if you had a girly name. That is a ridicullous notion.

    That being said, I am not a fan of Ellison on a girl because it means "son of Elllis". It is too blatantly masculine imo. Ellis works better, although it is still not my cup of tea. I like Mischa's point about it having a connection to Emily Bronte.
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    I love Ellis for a little girl. We are TTC but Ellis Catherine is already on our short list. I do know a four year old little girl named Ellison though and her name perfectly suites her- cute as a button with a little spunk. I don't think you can go wrong with any of your choices.

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    I agree: I'm surprised both by how negative this thread is and by OP's small point that a woman with a unisex name is taken more seriously than a distinctly feminine name. Given their soft sound and similarity with Ella/Ellie/Elinor, etc., Ellis and Ellison aren't stretches as far as unisex names go (maybe I'd expect this reaction over the suggestion of Wyatt or Garrison or something). I too originally hail from the mid-south where surnames/unisex names are plenty common on girls (though I'd argue the reverse, softer names like Emory on boys, has a presence there, too, which is interesting). Ellison and Ellis might sound like Allison or Alice, but stylistically they feel really different. If the more traditional sounds don't appeal, I think the modern contemporary vibe of Ellison and Ellis is cool. That said, I'm a woman with a feminine name (quite similar to Ellison and Ellis, actually) who generally likes traditionally feminine names on girls, and I feel like I've earned opportunities regardless of my name no matter the arena...

    Back to the point, though! Between Ellison and Ellis, I mildly prefer Ellis for its simplicity and the fact that it doesn't follow that -son trend (I don't mind so much that it means "son of," but am more put off by the ubiquity of other -son names like Addison, Madison, Alison, Emerson, Harrison, Jackson, etc.). Ellis feels more unusual and has that nice literary cred, too. Ellis Virginia, Ellis Olivia, Ellis Aurelia, or Ellis Amelia all sound lovely to me. Ellison Georgia rocks if you go in the other direction.

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