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    Cassie by itself?

    I really like the name Cassie for a girl, but I'm not fond of the name Cassandra. Another option is Cassia, and while that's fine, I still just like Cassie by itself. Is that not a good idea to put that name on a birth certificate? Or can it stand alone?
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    If you love Cassie I feel like it's a fine nn/name.
    I don't usually like nn/fn's but Cassie works for me as I really don't understand why parents would name their daughter Cassandra - the myth is just too damning for me. I think the only longer option of Cassie I'd like is Cassiopeia.
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    I love Cassie, Cassandra, Cassidy and Cassia! I love the sound of Cass in general. I personally prefer Cassia, and I consider it a little more substantial that just plain Cassie. But I think Cassie has been used long enough as a first name on its own that it would be fine.
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    I think Cassie would be fine on its own.

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    I love Cassie! And I think it works fine on it's own.
    Love Cassandra too, and would probably still use it even though her tale is quite tragic.
    I'm in love with Cassia at the moment, gorgeous name!

    Other names that you could get Cassie from:
    ~ Acacia
    ~ Cassiane (cass-ee-ah-nee)
    ~ Cassio
    ~ Cassity

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