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Thread: Cleo Ismay

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    I love Esme and Ismene but Ismay sounds too much like dismay to me. Sorry.
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    I like it! I agree that Cleo has a bit of a cat vibe and I prefer Esme to Ismay, but I still like the name.
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    I think Cleo Ismay is really pretty.
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    I guess I can see the "dismay" thing, but I don't hear it. I'm pronouncing Ismay as IHZ-may.
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    Cleo Ismay is pretty! I couldn't figure out where I'd heard Ismay before until it suddenly dawned on me--J. Bruce Ismay, one of the managers of the White Star Line and the man who decided to reduce the number of lifeboats aboard the Titanic. So not a great association, but I don't think that most people would be aware of it.

    And, yes, it's pronounced more like IHZ-may than IS-may.
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