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    What do y'all think of Lon?

    I really like the name Lon, but not Alonzo. Alonzo is ok, just a bit much for me. Lon strikes me as a friendly, dependable type name. Plus, I like the nn Lonnie. This one was on my list for my first boy, and it is on my list again this time. Boy names are so hard for us! DH likes the name, but then he starts with Lon mower, Lon gnome, Lon darts, etc. I say, if that's the worst he ever gets called, he'll be doing ok ;-) Anyway, I'd just like some feed back on the name. Love it? Hate it? Kinda blah, or refreshingly simple? Thanks!
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    I have a serious soft spot for Lon/Lonnie. Lon feels a bit insubstantial on its own though.
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    I agree, but I can't come up with a longer version that I like. I like Lonan, and it's on my list, but the ending just doesn't roll off my tongue very well. Same problem with Ronan and Brennan. It feels like I have to work hard to say the -nan endings correctly. It may just be my accent.

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    I voted neutral as I think Lon is a great nickname, but a little bit insubstantial without a "full name". I would only use Lon if your surname is longer. About 6 or more letters.

    Some suggestions:

    Anlon (Irish Gaelic: great hero)
    Arlon (Irish Gaelic: a pledge
    Cadwallon (Welsh: battle ruler)
    Elon (Germanic: ready for battle; Gothic: noble and ready)
    Fallon (Irish: leader)
    Harlon (Germanic: from the army land)
    Lonán (Irish: little blackbird)
    Malone (Celtic: descendant of a follower of Saint John)
    Marlon (Celtic: seafort hill)
    Quillon (Latin: sword; Irish Gaelic: cub)
    Scanlon (Irish: little trapper)
    Waylon (Old English: roadside land)

    If you can't find a longer name to give him and you can convince your husband, go with Lon. It's a perfectly respectable name that's easy to spell and pronounce and strong. Just remember that any other siblings should also have a shorter name. It would seem weird to have a Willoughby (or any other looong name) and a Lon. A lot of people don't care about "sib sets" but the children themselves may care that they got the "bad name".

    Best of luck and hope I was able to help!

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    Thanks for the suggestions! There are a few I like, and have been on and off my list a few times, but they just never feel quite "right" kwim? I do like Arlon, Lonan, and Quillon. I would like Fallon, but I used to know a girl named that, so Fallon is kinda ruined for me. I love Welsh names, so Cadwallon is really fun, but i fear it's a bit much for a Texas boy ;-) Bonus points for it still :-) Thanks!
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