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    Sibset opinions please

    My DH and I LOVE the name Margo for our soon to be coming baby girl! Do you think Molly (age 2) and Margo go well together or are they too matchy?

    I never planned on naming our kids with the same first letter but I guess when it's names you love, it just kinda happens that way!

    FYI we also have a dog named Max. Sheesh! Lol He's was here first tho! He's almost ten :-)

    Please let me know your opinions! Thanks!

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    I think they are fine together, very cute actually. I absolutely adore Margo/Margot!

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    They're a bit matchy, but honestly your kids aren't going to be a "set" forever and the names do go together nicely.

    I'd go with Margo.
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    Molly and Margo are lovely!

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    I think Molly and Margo are a fabulous sibset

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