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    If I was the Gosselin Family...

    Hey Everyone! I like to just do things like this for fun! If you were Jon and Kate Gosselin and you had 2 twin girls, and then septuplets. 3 boys and 3 girls. What would you name them?! (:

    Jon and Kate Names theirs..

    Born on October 8,2000
    Cara Nicole Gosselin
    Madelyn Kate Gosselin

    Born on May 10,2004
    Alexis Faith Gosselin
    Hannah Joy Gosselin
    Aaden Jonathan Gosselin
    Collin Thomas Gosselin
    Leah Hope Gosselin
    Joel Kevin Gosselin
    This is their first and middle names and their birth order:
    Cara Nicole
    Madelyn "Mady" Kate
    Alexis Faith
    Hannah Joy
    Aaden Jonathan
    Collin Thomas
    Leah Hope
    Joel Kevin

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