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    @jamesina66 - Never thought of putting Elowen in the middle, could be a good compromise with DH! Adelaide Patrice is one of my top picks if we have a 3rd girl. It is a beautiful combo, will reconsider for baby #2. Thanks everyone for your input so far, keep it coming!
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    I was about to suggest Juniper Elowen also, it's a beautiful combo.
    Juniper Patrice is also pretty but the p's trip over each other a bit.

    Magnolia or Marigold are a bit more spunky but also have the nature and old-fashioned vibe, and a bit less hipster than Juniper.

    I do really like Juniper though. It has a different feel than Rosamund, but the same spirit.
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    Rosie and Liza was my first thought. Rosamund and Elizabeth or Elizabetta?

    I like Juno as a nickname for Juniper, feels spunkier than June or Junie. Rosie and Juno are pretty fabulous together too.

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    I like Juniper Louise or Juniper Elowen! I agree that the two p's in Juniper Patrice are a little much, but I think Rosie and June make an adorable sibset! I also like Daphne Juniper.

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    I love Juniper nn June, and Juniper Elowen is stunning!

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