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Thread: Popular names

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    Popular names

    Would you ever use the number one name (example Ella in WA)?
    A name in the top 10 (e.g Sienna number 8)
    Top 20 (Summer 18)
    top 50 (Poppy 49)
    100 or 1000

    I personally don't care as I have a top 100 name and have only met 2 others.
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    Anything in the top 100 is out for me. My sweet spot seems to be the 300s. I've said it before and I'll say it again: what I worry about far more than popularity is trendiness. I would rather give my children core classic names than names that rise meteorically and seem dated almost instantly -- Elizabeth and James instead of Mykinzee and Jaidyn, for instance.
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    It depends on the name. My own name's been sitting pretty in the UK top 10 since at least 1994 (38th in 1984, can't find UK data for my birth year sadly but I'd assume top 20 at least) and was in the same position in 2011 as it was 15 years earlier. Maybe Sophie's not as classic a name as, say, Elizabeth (steadily dropping towards the 50 mark), but it doesn't seem to be trendy as it's been popular for a significant amount of time. Lucy, the same - sitting around the 20 mark from 1994 to 2011, no significant peaks or drops. Those are the sort of names I'd use, in addition to classic names. I grew up as Sophie X and it didn't really affect me in any way, my sister with a more uncommon name (most recent peak was just inside the top 500, more commonly around the 700 mark) had more problems with her name than I did with mine.

    I wouldn't use any of the names in the OP as they're not to my taste, but Charlie hit the boys' #5 in 2010 and I'd use it in a heartbeat, I find it gorgeous. Popularity of a name isn't in any way a concern for me, though I suspect I'm a minority on this site.

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    Popular doesn't bother me nearly as much as trendy. I wouldn't see anything wrong with naming a child from the top 30-50 if it was a classic, tasteful name, but would never name a child a name I thought of as remotely trendy, even up to the top 200 or 300. I do like unique names, but some that I like inside the top 30-50 are Anna, Leah, and Camila, whereas some names that I would never use from above the top 200 that sound trendy to me are Willow, Mikayla, Chelsea, and Dakota.
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    I have mixed feelings. My name was a Top 10 names when I was born, and it was a pain having a name that was so hotly used. However, one of my favorite girls names is Sofia (I prefer that spelling), but it's uber-popular as Sofia, Sophia, and Sophie. I can't bear to take it off my name list, but I'm not sure I'd use it, because I don't want my kids to have a letter after their name the way I did. Top 100, though? Maybe.
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