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    Quote Originally Posted by nicodesi View Post
    I like most of those, but DH not so much. A few are very similar to names already used in the immediate family. I'll have to give Bethany some more thought. It's always seemed kind of bland to me, but I'm not sure why as I've never known one personally.
    Not ever having met someone with a name does make it hard to visualize.
    I knew a girl named Bethany as a kid and she was one of the sweetest people I've ever met.

    I really like the idea of using Betty as a nn for it, since Betty has a more retro spunky vibe than the sweet and soft feel of Bethany. I also kinda like Thany but then I'm a fan of off-kilter nn's

    I see that NB says Bethany means "house of figs" but the meaning I have in my lists from another website says it means "house of song", which I think is a beautiful picture.
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    I would go with Bethany, I see no reason why you can't call her Betty. Bethany Gwen is a beautiful name, good luck!

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    I actually am intrigued by Betony; if you think you will have regrets not using it, I say go for it. But you can't go wrong with Bethany! One concern with Betony is the tendency for people to say it and/or hear it as "Bet-nee", or even worse, Bentley. When people aren't familiar with a name, they may assume they are hearing a different name (like Bentley or Bethany) you would just have to get used to clarifying. Fortunately most people get it after the first time. Bethany is a solid choice, but don't sell yourself short if your heart is leading you to Betony. I don't think it is a bad name, I just think Bethany is the path of least resistance, and bethany will always be a solid, classic, beautiful name.

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    I don't like either option. I think Elizabeth is the best way to get to Betty. Or, just name her Betty. It has a sweet, vintage feel all by itself!

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    There's a thoroughly likeable character named Betony in the book The Divide. Betony gets my vote!

    Also, nice middle name choice.
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