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    Honest opinions on my list of favorites?

    I'm currently trying to narrow down my boy and girl lists. I need opinions, suggestions, comments - whatever will help. I already have one daughter named Nora Cathleen (called both Nora and Nora Cate).

    Here's my boy list:

    Milo James
    Sebastian Eli (Can't decide on nickname and I would like one. I like Bas, Bastien, Bash, Baz - opinions?)
    Lyle Jameson
    Declan James (Another nickname debacle. I like Dec, Dex/Decs, Deke - opinions? I believe Deke is the most "traditional" nickname but I've heard all 3 used.)
    Gavin Joseph
    Ewan Charles
    Dean Patrick
    Ian Richard
    Ronan Elias
    Keith Dennis
    Reid Jeffrey
    Mama to Nora and Vivienne.

    IF there was a third...

    Zoe Athena
    Claire Athena
    Margot Athena

    Jasper James
    Dexter James
    Miles Jameson

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    As I said in your girl's name thread, I love Nora Cathleen, and my picks from your boy list would be...

    Milo James
    Sebastian Eli 'Bastian'
    Dean Patrick

    Nora and Milo would be my top choice.
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    Milo James - I always think of the movie Milo & Otis when I hear Milo. Cute movie but I couldn't use it as a name.
    Sebastian Eli - I love Sebastian, the nickname is what stops me too.
    Lyle Jameson - Not a Lyle fan - very country. And Jameson is a whiskey.
    Declan James - I like both of these. You could even use the nickname DJ if you like initial nicknames.
    Gavin Joseph - Like both of these as well.
    Ewan Charles - Ewan is not my style but I do like Charles.
    Dean Patrick - okay
    Ian Richard - A good combo.
    Ronan Elias - Has a great sound.
    Keith Dennis - I never hear any of these two used - maybe sort of dated but that might be a good thing.
    Reid Jeffrey - I like the spelling Reed better

    Declan & Sebastian are my faves from your list.

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    Milo James - It's nice, though sometimes I feel like James is a sort of throwaway middle name.
    Sebastian Eli - Sebastian is my absolute favorite boys name. I'm personally not a nickname person, and I don't like the typical nicknames for Sebastian, i.e. I don't like the ones you listed. But I recently heard Ash as an option, and I really, really liked that.
    Lyle Jameson - Has a nice flow, but I don't really like either name.
    Declan James - I've never been into Declan, but again, has a really nice flow. Dex would be my favorite nn for Declan...could Lenny work?
    Gavin Joseph - Gavin is my second favorite boys name ever! This is a very nice combination. Don't love Joseph, but it works well here.
    Ewan Charles - In theory, I should like Ewan, but I just don't think it has a pleasant sound.
    Dean Patrick - I like Patrick, but don't like Dean at all. Can't imagine a child with this name.
    Ian Richard - Ian is nice; Richard seems dated.
    Ronan Elias - Hmm...Not sure actually how I feel about this one. Maybe it's just not my style. Ronan has potential.
    Keith Dennis - This is super dated to me - sounds like a middle aged man. My least favorite on your list.
    Reid Jeffrey - This is nice, though I strongly prefer Jeffrey spelled Geoffrey. It just looks more classic and distinguished to me.

    Some additional combo suggestions that jumped out at me using names from your list:
    Milo Sebastian
    Sebastian Milo/Miles
    Ian Charles
    Sebastian Geoffrey
    Ian Patrick
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    I really like a lot of your names, especially Lyle, Dean, Reid, Dennis, and Ian.

    What about Stan as a nn for Sebastian? It feels a little grandpa-cool too me.

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