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    Some names I see as straightforward and "aggressive"

    Something a little more badass
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    I'm sorry to hear that you have such a rotten deal with your name. I hear what you're saying about not wanting to bring your current name along at all, but I think Blade has given good advice. What she's saying is that your current name WILL follow you, to some degree, no matter how much you may wish it was otherwise. When you apply for a job, one of the first spaces is dedicated to previous names you have gone by. Your employer will know that you've changed your name. Given that you'll be entering a no-nonsense field, potential employers will prefer a no-nonsense reason for changing your name. Blade's reasons make sense, whereas Badass Vandal would be hard to explain.

    Now, you say your name is "funny". Are you saying your name is Seymour Butz? Hugh Jass? In that situation, I think an employer would be able to figure out at a glance why you've changed your name and have no more questions on the subject.

    If you are set on completely changing your name, I think Alexander is a nice choice. It's sufficiently common to look great on a doctor's degrees, but you can introduce yourself as Lex or Skandar to hotties at the gym.
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    I agree with Blade and TK. Don't think that just because you are changing your name it means it will never show up again in the future.

    I also think that if you are looking for a more "normal" name that will be well received in more traditional professions I'd take a look at the birth records of where you are from the year you were born. I would also be careful to choose a name that also reflects your heritage. (It you are first generation Indian American having a name like Atticus might be considered odd).
    Thoughts on your list:
    Alexander Johnson - I love Alexander. There is nothing that says "I can/will concur" than naming yourself after Alexander the Great. This combo of Alexander Johnson just feels ordinary, and you sound anything but ordinary.
    Diesel Jack - Diesel feels more like a gang moniker than a strong name for you. Esp since you are choosing this name yourself.
    Blake Robinson - This sounds like the secret identity of a superhero. I wouldn't choose it.
    Broke Marshal - is Broke a typo? I don't see how the word for broken says strong, aggressive etc. Maybe Brock would be better.
    Vandal Blaze - This sounds like a super-villian moniker of someone like Blake Robison. I wouldn't choose this either.
    Gunner Hixiston - Gunner feels too on the nose if you are planning on joining the Army.
    Hector Vandal - Is there a reason why you like Vandal? Do you want your name to say I rape, pillage and destroy? I do like Hector a lot and I like the ancient greek roots to a strong warrior.
    Hunter - too on the nose. See Gunner.
    Axel - too Axel Rose maybe? I do like this though. This and Alexander are probably my two favorite off of
    Raiden - see my thoughts on Vandal.

    Overall: Many of your choices sound like they were chosen by a teenage boy. Which is what you are but I would consider what names you might want when you are 75 as well.

    Name suggestions for you which have links to pretty kick-ass characters or meanings (I found these on the 1995 US birth lists. This should help with keeping your name in trend with your peers): Logan, Scott, Trevor, Zane, Connor and Victor.
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    Welcome to nameberry! I agree with blade 100%. The names polka suggested are exactly the style I was thinkingm, a few others you might want to add to your list are:
    ps. If you choose Alexander I think the nn Alec instead of Alex is pretty cool.
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    Of your original list I think Alexander nn Skander or Xander would fit you the best. It has the badass vibe with the X but I would still happily go to a Dr Alexander.

    Have you thought of the name Fletcher? I think it fits what your looking for as well. It's also not very common.

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