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    I live in the western USA

    Eleanor and Caroline are becoming very popular. Diana and Eliza are mildy popular. The only Darcy's I have ever known are a couple of boys born in the early 80's and according to the ssa sight it isn't even in the top 1000.
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    I'm in eastern United States, and basing it off of how many girls I've heard with the name, I'd say Eliza, Caroline, and Darcy are the most popular.
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    In England Eleanor and Eliza are quite popular. Not sure about the others really.

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    I dont consider any of them to be popular. Eleanor and Eliza are on the way up, but none are in the top 50. Caroline I suppose is most popular here by the numbers, but she is always hovering around the same level of popularity so it doesnt feel "popular" to me at all.

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    Thank you

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