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    I also wouldn't choose a name you are so-so on, just to get to Poppy.
    I like the idea of choosing a first name you love, using the middle name Poppy, and calling her Poppy. It gives her plenty of options later, too.
    Don't worry, we definitely won't go with something we don't like just to use Poppy! None of our favored first name choices sound particularly good with Poppy as a middle, so if a fabulous Poppy stand-in doesn't present itself we'll probably just stick with our original choices. We can always call her Poppy as a childhood nickname regardless; I do know plenty of people who have nicknames that seem totally unrelated.

    Personally I really do like Penelope, but my partner is not at all keen on that one, so no deal.

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    I like Calliope if you're not using Penelope but if you want to use Poppy just use it with a more formal mn

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    I can't think of any outside the ones mentioned but I LOVE Poppy I know of a little girl that is just named Poppy. I think Penelope is probably the most natural name.

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    Poppy has always struck me as one of those nicknames that can be random and doesn't need to come directly from a longer name (similar to Bubba, Buddy, etc.). The only two names I like Poppy as a nickname for are Penelope and Philippa.
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    I agree that Poppy could just be a nickname, even it isn't for the formal name. It is very cute, and it will probably stick if you are already calling the baby by that name. My nephew has a nickname from in utero and his parents interchange using his name and his nn, which is completely unrelated.
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