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    Cailin or Emmalyn and what spelling?

    I have a main character who is the love interest of the narrator. I want to name her either Cailin or Emmalyn (that pronunciation, not LINE or LEEN). My feeling for her name was something fresh and feminine, underused but not unfamiliar, and I feel like either of these names fit the bill.

    I'm leaning toward Cailin, but I don't know that I love that spelling because the pronunciation may not be intuitive for every reader. I also worry it would be confused for CAITlin if it was spelled as-is.

    Which name would you choose and what spelling would you think is the clearest? Thanks for your opinions.

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    Personally, I love Cailin! I know three of them, but they all spell it differently: Kaylyn, Kalen, and Caylinde. The last one gets mispronounced a lot, but it's really pretty. Emmalyn justs sounds... clunky. It also kind of sounds like you're trying too hard at being original. I'd go with Cailin.(However you'd spell it)


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    I like Cailin but at first glance I definately thought it was Caitlin. Maybe Kailin? Good luck!
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    Caylan? Definitely some form of Cailin. I prefer C over K.

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    Ceilin? A bit like the Scots Gaelic word Ceilidh (Kayleigh). Caylin? Caelin?

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