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    I don't think she'd be doomed to Cori. I know a little boy named Alexander...Not Alex, not Alec, not Xander! His name is Alexander, because that's what his parents want. If someone calls him Alex, they just correct them.

    My brother is Marcus, and insists that he not be called Marc by anyone. He'll be 15 in April (yikes! He's growing up!) and I've never, ever called him Marc. Note, that of 5 of us siblings, he's the only one who isn't called by a nickname.

    And, I like Coris, and Cora too! And, I think I told you before, my mom's great aunt Corisande always went by "Coss."

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    I agree with many of those who have already posted - you will have control over ensuring her full name is used for a couple of years. But once she's in school it will really be up to her whether she likes any nicknames she's given & whether she chooses to correct people.
    I would naturally go to the nickname "Cora" before I'd say "Cori". And to me Cora is really nice

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