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    Quote Originally Posted by dearest View Post
    Coris doesn't come naturally to me, which is why I would probably revert to Cora (or Cori) if you tried to enforce Coris. Coco or Risa (Rissy, Risso) would also be easier.
    I also think Cori isn't the worst nickname for Corisande, Candy would be a whole lot worse.

    For William, I would use Pim or Wim. Benjamin would be Jem or I would use and O middle to get Bo. Benjamin Orion for example.
    The way I say the name, Coris makes perfect sense haha more than Cori, I say it to sound more like Chorus-sanhd, rather than Corri-sand, I am terrible at making pronunciations make sense via typing!

    Also, the nn Candy didn't even occur to me. Yuck. See, this is why I make threads!!

    The main reason I strongly dislike Cori is that I have a cousin (one of my few cousins I see often-ish) named Corrie, and truly, she is the LAST person I would want to share a name/nn with my child. I have a feeling she would instigate calling Corisande "Cori" too, especially if she realized it bothered me!
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    If someone named Corisande said "Call me Coris' I wouldn't even blink. I think it makes sense.

    I don't think Cora is a bad option either, but I agree with you on Cori. Blech.

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    It may happen, it may not. Not everyone garners a nickname. All you can really do is correct when she is younger, and then when she's older, she can decide if she wants a nickname or wants to go by the full name.

    And, just for kicks, Candy isn't the end of the world. That's what I've been called for a nickname. ;]
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    The name is very pretty. I agree with you about the nn Cori...not one of my favorites. Perhaps you could preempt that possibility by establishing you choice for a nn right away. I like Rissa, Sahnda , and Cor is cute.

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    I've been playing around with it some more. You might like Corsi, Cosi (long o), Cossi (short o), or Sahsi.

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