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    Doomed to be Nicknamed??

    So I have made no secret of my love for the name Corisande (Prefer Cor-iss-ahnd pronunciation, not Cor-ih-san-dee), but the thing that holds me back is that she might be called Cori, and I despise the nn (or full name!) of Cory/Cori/Corrie, etc etc etc, especially for a girl! I love Corisande because it's soft, flowly, and most of all feminine! (Where as Cori is not!) As for Sandy, I just don't care for the nn. The nn I would prefer, if one would be used, would be Coris (Said like Chorus).

    Where do you weigh in? I know a lot of berries face this problem with name loves! (Loving the name, but not the possible nicknames!) Obviously nn's are intuitive mostly, so 'Cori' could pop up one day and be completely out of my control, but do you think Corisande would be doomed to a nickname I hate or even a nickname in general? (It is a longer name!)

    (The same question could be applied to any name if you don't want to think in terms of Corisande, must William be Will/Bill/Liam or Benjamin Ben/Benji?)
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    I think it's inevitable that SOMEBODY will call her that, as she gets older and heads out to school and such. Whether or not they KEEP calling her that will be up to her.

    Take my uncle for example. His name is Russell and he has red hair, but he's never been called Rusty by anyone - not more than once anyway! This is because my grandma strictly forbade it, and - most importantly - he internalized her dislike for the name and forbade it himself once he was old enough to be in the world without her.

    So it kind of depends on your daughter. If she dislikes Cori too, or picks up on your dislike, she can avoid Cori just by insisting people don't call her that. (Although some nickname, for a name like Corisande, is probably inevitable. Even the simple Russell often gets shortened to Russ.)

    If you love the name enough to accept that you can't control it forever, then use it. But whether or not she is ever Cori is, ultimately, up to her.

    It's a very pretty name, btw!
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    Coris doesn't come naturally to me, which is why I would probably revert to Cora (or Cori) if you tried to enforce Coris. Coco or Risa (Rissy, Risso) would also be easier.
    I also think Cori isn't the worst nickname for Corisande, Candy would be a whole lot worse.

    For William, I would use Pim or Wim. Benjamin would be Jem or I would use and O middle to get Bo. Benjamin Orion for example.
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    I named my son Christian hoping he would never be called Chris because I hated it. If anyone tried to call him Chris I corrected them. For the first two years of his life I even called him Trout. When he started being away from me more often at age three people started calling him Chris and he liked it so it stuck. Now we all call him Chris and I have even grown to like it a little bit and it fits him.

    You may just have to weigh how much you love the name versus how much you dislike the nickname. Your future daughter may decide she likes being called Cori. Until she is old enough to decide on her own just correct people if the call her something you don't like, most people will go along.
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    People will call her Cori. But as someone said above, that doesn't have to be an ongoing thing if your daughter doesn't like it. You can't fully plan ahead when it comes to nicknames. But I'm a Victoria and I despise Vicki and Tori. Do people occasionally assume they can call me Vicki or Tori? Absolutely. But I politely correct them, and that's that. Victoria is sooo susceptible to nicknaming, and it hasn't happened with me, so I think if you/your daughter don't want the nickname to be a recurring thing, it absolutely won't be.

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