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    HELP! Stuck for names for twin girls to go with Winter

    We have a 3 year old girl called Winter and have twin girls due at the beginning of April. The other half is useless at suggesting names so it's all down to me and I need some help...

    I like unusual names but not too crazy... I also wanted the three names to go together without it being too 'themed'.

    I did like April and Aries but I've sort of talked myself out of April because it's a bit 'normal' and the other problem is our surname begins with A which might make it sound a bit funny?

    So I was thinking of Rain as a possibility. I also like Tuesday - but this is only possible if she arrives on that day - other days of the week I'm not sure about. Another name on the list is Holiday. I also had Easter but again it sounded a bit funny with surname starting with A. Other contenders are Blue, Blossom, Bluebell, Dew.

    So as you can see I like 'calender/thing' type names but then don't want it to be too theme-y. I've looked through countless lists and not overly keen on Day, Evening, Morning, Midnight etc.

    Please help!! What do you think of the names I mentioned and any other suggestions would be great.

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