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    I think Lark and Lilac make cute twin names. I like bird names (even though I'm not overly fond of birds...) Sparrow is cute on a girl, as is Dove. Paloma is Spanish for dove (Palomitas is what they call popcorn in Mexico, though. Litttle Doves.) Wren makes a cute name as well.

    Lily, Susannah (means lily), Lilac, and Daisy are all pretty. If you're into really different, there's Flower, Blossom, or Bloom.

    Cerelia means spring. Spring itself could be a good name (all the other seasons are). Daphne or Laurel are pretty tree names. Ashby has to do with trees... So does Aspen (they have pretty heart-shaped leaves). Lavender is a springy color and a plant.

    Dawn is pretty and so is Aurora....

    Forgive repeats and my stream of conciousness writing style....

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    Honestly, I'm not a fan of the names you mentioned and I agree with the poster who pointed that Rain and Winter wouldn't be a good sibset. Have you thought about naming her Reina? It's a beautiful name.

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    What about Pasqual (or Pasquale) and Paloma?
    My favorite twin girls' names at the moment: Persis and Petra
    Mom to Julian and Oliver
    Favorites for girls: Halina, Beata, Persis, Iolanta, Dorota, Agata, Lucia, Victoria, Vesper
    Favorites for boys: Oliver, Reuben, Henry, Felix, Graham, Augustine

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    Poet and Meadow was my first thought x

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    I would search for the thread on Bohemian names on here. There were some great lists on there and similar to what you have described. I would attach the link for you if I know how but am writing this from my phone not computer. Good luck!

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