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    Name Suggestions for Evelyn's Little Sister!

    I have a little girl by the name Evelyn Grace and I am having a hard time naming her sister... I just can't beat Evelyn Grace! My husband and I both like the name Caelyn Bertina(My middle name) but the "lyn" part is kind of holding us up! the only difference in the name is the first two letters... Is the name different enough... or do you have better suggestions! I am tired of going through lists!

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    I think Caelyn is too close, spelling-wise and too different style-wise. Evelyn Grace is quite vintage, early 20th century, and Caelyn is definitely not. I don't have a clue what to suggest, but a few names, that sound like they would those of a girl named Evelyn are . . .

    Alice Bertina
    Clara Bertina
    Claire Bertina
    Daphne Bertina
    Elinor Bertina
    Frances Bertina
    Helen Bertina
    Iris Bertina
    Kathryn Bertina
    Lucille Bertina
    Lucy Bertina
    Marion Bertina
    Rosalie Bertina
    Sylvia Bertina
    Vivian Bertina

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    I think Caelyn is too close. Evelyn is a strong contender for our baby, so I'll share our list with you.

    Amelie (my older daughters name)

    Amelie Clara (2008) & Daisy Madeline (2013).

    Alice Tallulah, Polly Matilda, Rosalie Faye, Lucy Annabel, Maya Lillian, Hazel Kate, Eva Blossom, Juliet Lila, Ivy Camille.
    Charles Joshua "Charlie", Theodore Samuel "Teddy", Elliott Daniel, Noah Zachary, James Oscar, Arthur Philip, Rowan Isaac.

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    Yes, Caelyn is too close. other ideas that go well with sister's name -

    Evelyn Grace and Scarlett Faith

    Evelyn Grace and Felicity Claire

    Evelyn Grace and Norah Paige

    Evelyn Grace and Rosalie Jane (Rosie)

    Evelyn Grace and Delilah Joy (Lilah)

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    I love Evelyn Grace - what abeautiful name!

    How about Amelia Jane or if you use Bertina, Claire Bertina?

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