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    It bugs me that people would discourage someone from using a name from another culture simply because "it would look odd on a white person". My step-daughters are Hispanic but definitely favor their white mother - I suppose that looks "odd", too. Yes, that isn't he case in this situation but basing someones name on how someones appears is just stupid and ignorant.

    OP- you have a beautiful list, I personally love Paloma and Esperanza (which is my step-daughters middle name), it's very striking and beautiful. (Not to mention a billion adorable nicknames).

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    My 1/2 Filipina, 1/2 white daughter is named Esperanza (Espie). Love it. She is the only one we know by that name. We never hear other parents calling out this name after their kid. Also it means a lot to us because we "hoped" and "waited" for her -- a long time! It goes beautifully with our Spanish last name. I occasionally get a confused look from uneducated people who know nothing about Spanish. They can easily remember "SP" is her nn. People who have experience or education in any hispanic/latino culture get it and always respond positively, and many are eager to say they know it means "hope."

    The great-grandfather in the Philippines said he liked it and the traditional nickname was spelled "Espie" there. I am surprised that people don't seem to remember how we like to spell Espie, but that is a small matter, and I accept that nn's evolve over time. She'll probably choose her own nn (or spelling thereof) later in life, and that is fine.

    I admit we did not tell anyone this was our name choice until she was born. It eliminated so much drama, and it stuck fast because we don't know anyone else with the name. My (white) side (who had a mile-long list of sentimental family names they would have preferred) would have not adopted it so quickly if they hadn't already met her and it was starting to become her identity. But we used my favorite sentimental family name as her middle, so all are pleased!

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