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    I have a Paloma and she is never called Polly. We often shorten it to Lomy or Loma. Paloma is awesome, we get compliments on the name constantly.

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    Marisol, Elena or Gabriela would be my choice.
    Wanting to be pregnant.

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    Marisol - ok
    Xochitl (He LOVES it, but I don't know if I'd be up for it as a first name) - I love this, but it would probably be difficult in the US
    Araceli - I like it a lot; it's common in Mexico, I know various Aracelis
    Elena - nice, classic
    Esperanza - seems old fashioned
    Gabriela - nice, super popular
    Graciela - not as common as Gabriela, but sounds nice
    Jacinta - seems old fashioned, but Fernanda did too until it got super popular recently - this has a similar feel
    Magdalena - I like it, but seems a little old fashioned, Magda is a nice nn
    Paloma - like
    Valentina -like
    Lola - like but seems like a nickname. In Mexico it's often short for Aurora which is a great name

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    Living in Texas, when I hear Xochitl, I think of a brand of tortilla chips that is sold here. (It's pronounced ZO-cheel or SO-cheel). And that is actually an indigenous name, not a Spanish name. Unless you have some Mestizo lineage, it would be rather odd for you to use it.

    Personally, I've always liked the name Consuelo, but think it would be odd to use it considering I have zero ancestry in Mexico, Spain or any other Spanish-speaking country.

    Have you thought about something less explicitly Hispanic, like Maria or Isabel?
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