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    Hispanic/Mexican Girls

    Sooo I posted a similar topic over on the boys' side, but now it's time for the gals!

    My husband spent a few years living in Mexico and speaks Spanish fluently. Although we are both Caucasian-American, we'd love to chose a Mexican name (either first or middle) to honor that part of our adopted culture. We are planning on living mostly in the US, but there is a good chance we'll spend at least some time in Mexico.

    Here is what we have right now (in no particular order):

    Xochitl (He LOVES it, but I don't know if I'd be up for it as a first name)

    Comments? Suggestions? Please let me know what you think!

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    A Spanish name?

    I'd avoid Xochitl because it will have countless pronunciation problems. I think Elena, Gabriela, and Graciela are the prettiest.
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    I responded to your posting about boys' names. My husband is a native Spanish speaker but he's not from Mexico, so I'm not sure of the current use of these names there.

    Florentina - I have never heard of this form. Florencia is a pretty common name in Argentina, where my husband is from, but it is a bit dated. Most women who have that name there are in their 30s and 40s now. I don't particularly care for Florentina, I have to say, and I usually like long elaborate Spanish names for girls like Candelaria.
    Marisol - This is pretty, and I think it would work well in the US.
    Xochitl (He LOVES it, but I don't know if I'd be up for it as a first name) This name, of Aztec origin, whose undoubtedly cause pronunciation problems in the US anywhere there isn't a sizable Mexican population. Folks in South America wouldn't know how to pronounce it either.
    Araceli - I think this is a great option. Pretty, different, but easy for English speakers to say and pronounced the same in Spanish.
    Esperanza, Magdalena, Paloma, Valentina: these are all also good bilingual options I think, also with the same pronunciation in both languages which is always a plus for me.
    Graciela - This is a very dated name in Argentina, found only among women in their 50s -70s, but perhaps the perception in Mexico is different. I can see it working as a good bilingual/bicultural name as it is basically a combination of Grace and Ella.
    Jacinta - I love this name but my husband vetoed it as it sounded like an old lady to him. You'd have to decide if you would flip-flop between the two pronunciations or not.
    Elena and Gabriela are classic and international. Lola is a great nickname, but I would want to use it as a short form for something else.

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    I adore Esperanza! It's long, frilly, and feminine with a little spunk to it. I also think Paloma sounds so elegant and graceful.
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    My favourites are Marisol, Elena, Esperanza, Paloma, and Valentina. I think Elena would work best in the US, though.
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