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    Our twins Phoebe and Imogen arrived!

    I am late in posting this, but our girls were born January 16th!

    They are Phoebe Justine and Imogen Esteri. (Middles are their great grandmothers' names; Esteri is a Finnish version of Esther.)

    They were actually not named until three days after they were born. Or rather, Imogen was, but my husband and I dithered over whether Phoebe should be Phoebe or Beatrice -- much to the disgust of hospital personnel, who didn't know what to call her. (We called her Phoebeatrice.)

    Final naming honors went to my three year old son Henry, who, when told he had two sisters, one of whom might be named Beatrice, said: "No, no, no her name is Phoebe!" And insisted that he was certain of this. And since he seemed to know what he was talking about, and we couldn't make up our minds, we went with it. Now, of course, we see that he was right -- she IS Phoebe, couldn't be anything else!

    Thank you to all you Berries who responded to my several queries for help in the forums! Naming twins is hard! :-)

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    Congratulations! Phoebe and Imogen are two of my favourites and I really like the idea of middle names in honour of someone special.

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    Phoebe and Imogen are a perfect match! Congratulations to all of you - and I love your story about little Henry picking Phoebe's name.

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    Thats really cute! Congratulations on your sweet set
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    Congrats to you and your family on the safe arrival of your twins, Phoebe and Imogen. A well-matched pair for sure!
    All the best,

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