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    Help honouring Grandmothers

    OH and I are both set on honouring our grandmothers with our future daughters names. We are looking for suggestions on how best to honour these names.

    Margaret x2
    Jess (maiden name Dale)
    Edna current problem name.

    OH and I both like Magdalena which we think would honour 3 of them but we'd hate to leave gran 4 out and I know she'd be upset.

    *Jess is also OHs exs name so don't really want to use that.
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    Could you use Edna's middle name or go with something that sounds similar like Eden? Or could you go with same meaning? On here it says Edna means "rejuvenation, delight". You could pick another name that means delight/happy, ie Blythe, Joy, Beatrice, Felicity, etc. Eden is listed as meaning "place of pleasure, delight" lists Ena as an Irish variant of Edna. That is in Magdalena. So you could get all 4 with one name. Some other variants are Enya, Ethna, Etna.
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    Magdalena is a great solution!

    Other ways to honor:
    Margaret means Pearl or Daisy
    Eden would be a nice way to get around Edna, or you could go with meaning: "rejuvenated, delighted" could work for Vivian, Eve, Abigail, Beatrice, Beatrix, Felicity, Blythe, Gwyneth, Joy, perhaps even Aviva?
    Do you have any other ways like their birth month, their favorite flower, their gemstone?
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    I think Magdalena honors all of them! You can find "dale" and "Edna" within the name (Edna less obviously, but the letters are still there, along with similar sounds). Love that.

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    Some suggestions:

    I really like the name Margaret since it has so many great nicknames! (Daisy, Peggy, Maggie, Meg, Maisy, Maimie, Maisie, etc.) so if I were you I might stick with it as a first name. I played around with some variants of Edna in the middle that I particularly liked (Ena, Eda, Edina, Edwina and Edana.) I think Jess is a little hard to use on it's own, plus I know you don't want to use it, but I liked it hyphenated with Eddy or Eddie (nicknames for Edna) or in it's form of Jessamine. Are those too close?

    Margaret Ena Dale?
    Margaret Eda Dale?
    Margaret Edina Dale?
    Margaret Edana Dale?
    Margaret Edwina Dale?
    Margaret Edina Jessamine?
    Margaret Edwina Jessamine?
    Margaret Jessamine Eda?
    Margaret Eddy-Jess?
    Margaret Eddie-Jess?

    Maybe use Marguerite instead of Margaret?
    Marguerite Ena Dale?
    Marguerite Eda Dale?
    Marguerite Edina Dale?
    Marguerite Edana Dale?
    Marguerite Eddy-Jess?
    Marguerite Eddie-Jess?
    Marguerite Edina Jessamine?
    Marguerite Edwina Jessamine?
    Marguerite Jessamine Eda?

    Or Marjorie/Margery?
    Marjorie Ena Dale?
    Marjorie Eda Dale?
    Marjorie Edina Dale?
    Marjorie Edana Dale?
    Marjorie Eddy-Jess?
    Marjorie Eddie-Jess?
    Marjorie Edina Jessamine?
    Marjorie Edwina Jessamine?
    Marjorie Jessamine Eda?

    I like the other berries' suggestions about incorporating meaning or birthstones.

    Edna=Delight, Renewal, Renewer
    Dale= Valley
    Jess= Wealthy, god sees

    Pearl Arden Blythe (Peari, valley, delight)
    Pearl Delilah Dale (Pearl, (Delight), valley)
    Margot Edwina (Pearl and 'Edwina' is kind of a two-fer because it means wealthy like jess and sounds like edna.)
    Marjorie Edwina (Pearl and two-fer)
    Marguertie Edwina (pearl and two-fer)
    Pearl Odetta Dale (pearl, wealthy, dale)
    Pearl Odette Dale (Pearl, wealthy, dale)
    Pearl Arden Odetta (Pearl, valley, wealthy)
    Margaret Odetta Dale
    Margaret Odette Dale
    Marguerite Jessamine Arden
    Margot Odetta Dale
    Margot Odette Dale

    I dunno... there seem to be a lot of great options in my opinion?
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