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    Final 2 names for Baby Girl

    This is my first time posting but I spend a lot of time on the site.

    My husband and I are expecting our first child in May. We have narrowed the field of names to 2 for each gender (I will post the boys' finalists in the other forum). I am seeking your input. Both girls' first names have a special meaning; they are both the names of parks where my husband and I spent many happy hours with our families as children (Eleanor for me, Harriet for him). The middle name must start with a J (Jewish cultural tradition to honor his recently deceased grandfather). The middles otherwise have no real significance to us except liking them. Our last name begins with a K and is two syllables.

    First names:
    Eleanor - this is a special name to me but I'm afraid with Ella/Ellie it might feel too popular?
    Harriet - I love this but I fear she'd be called "Har" or "Harry."

    Middles (open to new ideas here as long as the name begins with J).
    Jude, June, Jane

    What do you think?

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    Love both of them! They were/ are both on my list.

    Other nn options for Eleanor are Laney or Nora and for Harriet, Hattie is a great nn option. Eleanor is probably more popular than Harriet because of the Ellie/ Ella connection, but you don't have to call her Ellie or Ella.

    Harriet June/ Jane and Eleanor June/ Jane are all cute.

    I actually kind of dig Harriet Juniper also.
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    Of your middle names, I like the June the best. Have you considered Eleanor Juliet?

    I agree that Hattie is a great nn for Harriet, so maybe you can forestall a Har/Harrie trend.

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    For both names I would prefer the full names rather than nicknames, but I like Hattie and Nora. I just know I can't control what others call her (or what she might choose for herself someday)! I really love Juniper; it's been on my list forever - I just feel I might not be brave enough to use it. Maybe labor will make me feel powerful enough to take a risk!

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    I vote Harriet, with the nickname Hattie.
    Harriet Jane has a sweet, antique charm.
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