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    First name Paige

    What is your opinion on the name Paige? Sweet and spunky? Preppy? Dated?

    We have an Allison, nn Ally. I'm not concerned with a perfectly matched sib set, just as long as the names aren't too matchy or polar opposite style wise.

    The other name currently tied with Paige is Caroline. I love this sweet classic name, but it's number 15 in our state and I know a lot of little Caroline's, it doesn't bother me too much, but I don't know a single Paige so it feels fresh to me.

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    See here in England I know and have heard of many Paige's my sister is 16 and at her school there is 10 Paige's which goes with the 7 Jordan/Jordana variants, 5 Mollie variants thus I do associate Paige as being slightly dated because there are so many sixteen year old's sharing the name Paige. Whereas I only know one Caroline which makes me feel that Caroline is a fresher classic!

    I like the idea of Paige in the middle name slot, I think as a middle name Paige feels fresh, like Jane (a name I love) outside the middle name slot feels fresh. I love the idea of Caroline Paige. I also feel that Caroline works better with Allison! I like the idea of Ally & Cara.

    Hope this helped xx

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    When I was pregnant with my daughter, one of the combinations I was considering was Allison Paige. So I do think the two names go together nicely! However, I love Caroline, and I think stylistically, she is wonderful next to Allison.

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    It's hard to compare Paige and Caroline since theyre such different feeling names for me! Allison & Caroline, Ally & Paige, it all depends what kind of sound you like.

    I do love Paige though. I can see why some say it's dated, but it has such a crystal-clean sound to me that it's still fresh. A little preppy, a little sleek, a little sweet, but not too saccharine. Caroline Paige is a lovely combo too..

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    I have a friend named Paige who's now 25. Paige is not a name I would typically like but I don't mind it as a mn. Caroline Paige sounds good together.
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