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    Red face What do you think of this name?

    Okay, so, I am a total book and name nerd. In my opinion those two things go together, but sometimes I wonder if it goes overboard?

    But anyway, the Name is Luna Elidi Reed. (Last Name begins with an H.) It's not for a real child, just a fantasy. But I just wanted to know what other people thought.
    Does Elidi look like a misspelling of Elodie? It's not, but do you think non-name nerds would think so?
    Are the sun and moon references to obvious and hippy-ish?
    Does Reed seem out of place?
    Is Luna too Harry Potter-ish? Luna Lovegood is the inspiration and namesake, but everywhere I look people seem to think that is a bad thing.

    Sorry for the rambling, but just wanted some wise nameberries' opinions. Thanks in advance!

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    Whoops, sorry about random URL!

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    Welcome to NB!!

    Luna Elidi Reed....I personally think that this doesn't really flow too well. Reed does seem a bit out of place. The rest of the name is so girly and Reed to me is all boy...and I've got to be honest that I did think Elidi was Elodie (which I'm not too fond of). Is it pronounced the same way as Elodie? I don't think that is a huge problem though, as Elodie is still fairly uncommon (in my area anyway) so most people probably won't see it as a 'mispelling' but rather as just an unusual name.

    I didn't know about 'the sun and moon' thing, so I personally don't think the average person will get it either (so no problems with it sounding 'hippy-ish').

    As for Luna...I have never read the HP books so I don't have that association. I have been trying to like Luna for a while (because I love the moon) but I just keep coming back to 'lunatic' in my mind. When I do get past that though, Luna is a beautiful name!

    I think a longer middle name will look and sound better with Luna. Something like Luna Evangeline, Luna Guinevere (or Genevieve), Luna Vivienne or Luna Beatrice, but that's my opinion.

    If you want two middle names, I would try going for the first middle having 3 syllables and then the second having 1 syllable. It sounds better that way, I find.
    Examples: Luna Genevieve Ruth, Luna Beatrice Faye, Luna Vivienne Pearl, Luna Elidi Jane, Luna Elidi Maeve, Luna Elidi Rose...
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